World Autism Day

World Autism Day

We at SanDanDesigns would like to wish everyone a happy World Autism Day.

Autism is a disability that is very close To us, as someone in the sandandesigns family lives with it daily. As a tribute to them and to help raise awareness for the Disability one of our April Monthly themes will be Autism. We are/will be releasing stickers, stencils and an Autism bundle to help others create their own Autism themes too!

What is World Autism Day ?

World Autism Day is a day that occurs each year to help raise awareness for Autism. It falls on April 2nd and was introduced by the United Nations and first observed in 2008. Each year world Autism day has a “theme” for which the day is focused which is determined by the United nations

Themes of world Autism day

  • 2012 – launch of the official UN “awareness raising” stamp
  • 2013 – celebrating the ability within the disability of autism
  • 2014 –  opening doors to inclusive education
  • 2015 – employment: the Autism advantage
  • 2016 – Autism and the 2030 agenda: inclusion and neurodiversity
  • 2017 – toward autonomy and self-determination
  • 2018 – empowering women and girls with Autism
  • 2019 – assistive technologies, active participation
  • 2020 – the transition to adulthood


The colour blue is symbolic with representing Autism and well as multicoloured puzzle pieces. Often the slogans “till all the pieces fit” and “different not less” are also used.

We would love to help raise awareness for Autism and would love to hear about any of you that have and/or had experience with it.
If Autism affects you please leave us a comment and let us know all about it!

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