Letter Keyring Single


Our letter keyrings are the perfect gift for couples that want to have each others initials and friends that want a cute gift for each other

They are also ideal as wedding favours or corporate gifts.

They are made to order from resin/glitter and finished with a keychain for easy equip ability



Our Letter Keyrings are the perfect gift for couples having each others initials

They would be equally perfect as a friendship gift for you and a bestie!

They would also make great wedding favours for guests or corporate gifts for your team

Our keyrings are made out of resin/glitter and are made to order. We try to offer a range of colours and each keyring comes finished with a keychain to easily equip it to whatever you may want to.

We offer these keyrings in a Single letter, duo (two letters on one keychain) and a double (two letters on two different keychains)

This product is for a single letter


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