October bullet journal theme idea

October Bullet Journal theme ideas

Picking a theme for your bullet journal can often be a harder task than actually making, designing and filling in your Bujo. In this article we will give some suggestions for potential October Bullet Journal theme ideas.


The most obvious theme that springs to mind when someone thinks of October is Halloween. The scope for this theme is massive.

A Halloween theme could cover all sorts ranging from pumpkins, to skeletons, witches, spiders, tombstones and trick or treat.




Witches could be something you include in a Halloween theme. Equally it could be an entire theme in itself. Witches is the theme Sandra chose to do for her October theme this year. A theme with witches could include lots of witches, cats potions and cauldrons.



Spiders are another thing that is typically associated with Halloween. A spider theme would be an interesting one. There are over 45,000 species of spiders worldwide so there would be plenty of opportunity for a variety of spider images and styles for a monthly theme. Lots of cobwebs could also be included.




October is the central month of Autumn (or Fall depending on where in the world you are) for those in the Northern Hemisphere. This is the time when leaves from trees start to fall off and turn beautiful colours of orange, brown and red in particular. This blend of colour could make for a really beautiful monthly theme.


Much like the leaves idea, Trees could be another theme you could use. Equally the two could be combined together.




For anyone that has an interest in Astrology, the two star signs for the month of October are Libra (23rd Sept to 22nd Oct) and Scorpio (Oct 23rd to Nov 22nd) Either one of these star signs could be used as a theme. Astrology as a whole could also be a great theme idea for any month of the year.


Raven or Snake

Both the Raven and the Snake are the animals for the native American zodiac signs for October. Raven – 22nd Sep to 22nd Oct and Snake – 23rd oct to 22nd Nov. Either of these animals could make for a great monthly theme.





The Butterfly is the Celtic animal for October (30 sept – 27th oct) A butterfly theme could be a really creative one. Its one that Sandra has done in the past. The variety of different designs and colours butterflies have would make for a super fun theme for many.


October is when world chess day is. It falls on the second Saturday of each October. Chess could make a really interesting theme with all the board pieces, or you could even turn an entire page into a chessboard.



Global Cat day is on the 16th of October. Cats are the second most popular household pet behind Dogs and therefore would make a great theme for many. We did a Dog theme a few months back and it was one of our favourite themes, Cats is certainly one we will look to do in the future. Cats is also a good choice of theme for October because it is one of the animals most associated with Halloween.



German theme (Oktoberfest)

The German event of Oktoberfest is the largest Volksfest (beer festival) in the world. It is held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It is a 16-18 day event that finishes on the first Sunday in October and has over 6 million people attend each year. Country themes are often super fun to make due to their diversity, and with Germany being one of the biggest and most popular Countries in the world this could be a great theme idea.


These are some suggestions of some ideas you could use for an October Bullet Journal theme. Many of these would also work great in other months of the year. Leave a comment below with what theme(s) you like to use for October.


October bullet journal theme idea




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