January Bullet Journal theme ideas

January brings the start of a new year and with it new ideas for themes you can use for your bullet journal. Picking a theme to use can often be the hardest part of setting a monthly spread as the choices are endless!

We have broken down some potential ideas you could use that are ideal for the month of January.

New Year Fireworks

Everyone loves to see and/or use fireworks around the turn of the new year so why not start your bullet journal year with a bang (pun intended!) and use a firework theme. This theme could work out nicely as there could be a range of colours used and fireworks come in all different shapes and sizes with provides lots of variety.


January is right in the heart of winter for the northern hemisphere and therefore snowflakes could be an ideal theme. No two snowflakes are ever the same so the scope for variety in this theme is also massive.



With every new year people start the year with renewed hope and vigour. Light would be an excellent theme for January to start the year with lots of bright colour and positivity. Light could come from lightbulbs, lanterns, nature etc


Stars much like light can be a very bright and positive theme to start January. This could be made with either a white or black background and is a fun theme for anyone to try



Taking a star theme to a different level you could instead use a galaxy theme. This is one Sandra did last January and had a lot of fun being creative with watercolour. A galaxy theme could have a range of different designs such a planets, astronauts, rockets, stars etc etc

Motivation/Motivational quotes

With the turn of the new year, everyone looks to motivation and resolutions to start the year off fresh and strong. A theme full of motivation/motivational quotes could be a perfect way to start your year.


One of the biggest new year resolutions is to join a gym and/or get healthy. Starting off your January bujo with a fitness theme could be ideal if this is one of your resolutions.



Peaches is another theme that could be fun to do. The peach is the state symbol fruit for Georgia in the USA. Georgia was the 4th state to ratify the united states constitution on 2nd January 1788. If you are American or like American history this could be a really fun theme and could even be adjusted to include more symbols of Georgia than just the peach.


Birds is another great theme idea for January, or any other month for that matter. January 5th is national bird day and therefore would be a great month to cover your bujo in birds! There is estimated to be around 18,000 species of birds in the world so the variety you could include in a monthly theme is massive. This could be a great theme for someone artistic to likes to put detail into designing their bujo.



Dogs and specifically Dalmatians could be an interesting theme for January. The world famous Disney film 101 Dalmatians was released into the US audience on 25th January 1961. Everyone loves dogs and therefore a theme dedicated to them could be an appealing choice. Daniel did a Dog theme for May last year and we even have a Dog ultimate bundle which could be perfect to help make this theme


These are some suggestions of some ideas you could use for an January Bullet Journal theme. Many of these would also work great in other months of the year. Our complete collection of 2020 ultimate bundles is also available in our shop with many more ready to make theme packs.  Leave a comment below with what theme(s) you like to use for January.

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