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Bullet Journal Lines about my Day

What are Lines about my Day

Lines about my day is a great way to keep a track of what happened during your day. In essence its a condensed way to keep a Diary within your Bullet Journal.

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Keeping a mini diary of your days events can be a great tool to look back on or read after a period of time. Additionally it can be therapeutic and help with mental health. Writing down thoughts feelings and happenings from your day can be very stress relieving.

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Using a Lines about my day spread with other tracking spreads can work really well. These spreads can be decorated and designed in different ways. At SanDanDesigns we like to include a Lines about our Day spread in every monthly set up we create.

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Do you like including Lines about your Day in your set ups? Leave a comment with your thoughts on this spread and how you like to lay it out

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