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Bullet Journal Habit Tracker

What is a Habit tracker?

A Habit tracker is one of the most popular Bullet journal spreads. It is a way of keeping track of any number of habits you want to achieve over the course of a month (or however long you track it for)

A habit tracker is great for:

  • Tracking current habits
  • Helping you to break old or bad habits
  • Encouraging and assisting with introducing and sticking to new and beneficial habits

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Setting up a Habit tracker

Habit trackers can be set up in any way you wish. Often they are made to track a month at a time as this is a good time frame to have a set of habits before revaluating and adjusting (adding or removing) habits that are either no longer relevant or ones need to be added.

One easy way to lay them out is like setting up a mini calendar for each habit. From here each day a Habit is achieved can be marked off, equally if its not achieved it can be left blank.


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What Habits to include in your Habit Tracker?

A Habit tracker can often be a bit of an “Umbrella” Spread to track multiple things. Some people like to have separate trackers for different habits and others like to bunch a group of habits into one “Habit tracker” spread.

Some typical Habits that can be included in a Habit tracker are:

  • Take medication
  • Eat twice a day
  • Make the bed
  • X amount of time for selfcare
  • X amount of time for reading
  • Cook a homecooked meal
  • Exercise
  • Drink a certain amount of fluids a day

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Much like a Mood Tracker A habit tracker is one of the most fundamental Bullet Journal pages for many people and is one that is included in every monthly Journal set up.

Who includes a Habit tracker in their Bujo?  comment below with the things you like to track in it.

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