Bullet Journal Cover page

Bullet Journal Cover Page

What is a Cover page?

The Bullet journal Cover page is the first page in your Bullet journal used to start a new month or theme. It can be as simplistic as you like or as complex as you like.

Some people like to keep the cover pages nice and simple using just the wording of the cover page and a small drawing(s). Others like to make cover pages much more detailed and creative.

At SanDanDesigns we like to vary the type of cover pages we use for our monthly themes. Some will be more creative and others will be more basic.

Another way cover pages can be made is by using print out sheets with wording or designs on that can be coloured in. These can then be stuck in if made out of sticker paper or glued in if made out of regular paper.

For this and many other Cover page ideas follow us on our social media. We would love to hear and/or see how everyone likes to lay out their cover pages so leave a comment below with your favourite way to set up a cover page.

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